Elitist language in programme and course descriptions of university websites (working title)

As part of the research master thesis this project uses readability formulae on a large data set of programme and course descriptions of the top 100 humanities departments websites ranked by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016. Project page coming soon...

Digital Methods Winter School

Results The Social Lives of Digital Methods: Encounters, Experiments, Interventions
Digital Methods Winter School, Data Sprint and Mini-Conference 2018

Worked on the project Collaborative Archiving of Digital Art, the project explored the possibilities of Git and Wiki as platforms for archiving digital artworks but also their tracking ability to see how these art project constantly evolving. I focused primarily on MediaWiki and its functionalities.

Project page: Collaborative Archiving Digital Art


Lost In the Data Portal, The Importance of Metadata Tracking in Heritage Portals

This project iterates the importance of clear standardized quality metadata of digitized material of museum, archives and libraries by looking at users (researchers and non-researchers) online behaviour, needs and expectations, current state of metadata of online collections, opportunities of crowdsourcing to improve metadata quality and a proposed framework for identifying online collections in portals and platforms that have critically poor metadata quality.


Old Books In a New World

Following the course Old Books in a New World. How to present books on the internet the final project started with the simple task: take an old book and present it in a novel way on the internet. Inspired by Michael Portillo's Great British Railway Journeys this project recreated city walks as described in the book Wandelingen in en om Amsterdam (walks in and around Amsterdam) by Cornelis van der Vijver written in 1829. More information in Dutch: http://www.sprekendestenen.nl/

The Library as an Office for the Self-Employed

This project examines how the Dutch public libraries accommodate the growing group of small business owners and self-employed who set up an office in the local libraries.


Project page coming soon...